To: NYC Council Member Sandra Ung

STOP the Growing Displacement and High Rent Crisis in Flushing

We demand City Council Member Sandra Ung protect Flushing from high rent and displacement.

+ Build 100% low-income housing on AAFE’s proposed shelter site, with rents set at 30% of income;

+ Protect all Flushing residents and small businesses from displacement by passing the Flushing Community District plan.

Why is this important?

For weeks, Flushing United (backed by developers like George Xu and F&T Group) flooded Main Street with propaganda attacking AAFE’s plan to build a shelter at 39-03 College Point Boulevard and blaming the homeless for anti-Asian racism. They say they want affordable housing on the shelter site, yet they have built one luxury condo after another around Flushing, causing rents, property taxes, and homelessness to rise.

At the same time, AAFE has long been Flushing’s largest nonprofit developer and landlord working with the city government to evict and displace tenants, just as Flushing United does. Now, AAFE even sees an opportunity to keep profiting from those evicted by venturing into the city’s shelter system, which keeps people perpetually homeless.

This is how both for-profit and nonprofit developers collude with and benefit from the city government’s racist displacement agenda. This agenda has raised rents and property taxes for everyone in Flushing, as well as displaced us from our homes, our small businesses, our jobs, and our community, creating the homelessness problem. If we continue to rely on the city’s politicians to act in our best interest, they will build even more shelters and luxury condos in Flushing.

We must come together and advance our own plan to protect Flushing!