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To: NYC Council Member Sandra Ung

Will the shelter stop the crisis of high rent and displacement in Flushing?

Sign the petition to demand Flushing City Council Member Sandra Ung protect Flushing from high rent and displacement:

1. Build 100% low-income housing on AAFE’s proposed shelter site, with rents set at 30% of income;
2. Protect all Flushing residents and small businesses from displacement by passing the Flushing Community Special District plan.


签署请愿书,要求代表法拉盛的市议员黄敏仪( Sandra Ung )保护法拉盛社区,立即结束贵租和逼迁:

在亚平会( AAFE )提议的游民庇护所地皮上建造 100% 的平价屋,房租为收入的 30%

Why is this important?

Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE), who is working with the city to build a shelter at 39-03 College Point Blvd, has long been Flushing’s largest nonprofit developer and landlord. AAFE is well known for evicting their own tenants to get higher paying tenants or evicting whole buildings to flip them for profit. Now AAFE sees a new opportunity by getting into the city’s shelter system. This way the more displacement worsens, the more homeless people increase, the more money AAFE makes.

The City government’s racist displacement agenda, that AAFE aids, leaves Flushing without any protection from luxury development. This agenda has raised rents and property taxes for everyone, displaced us from our homes, our small businesses, our jobs, and our community, and created the homelessness problem. Instead of letting AAFE cover up the displacement the City has caused with a shelter, let’s come together to get to the root of the problem.

We need our own plan to protect Flushing!


在 College Point Blvd 39-03 号企建造游民所的亚洲人平等会(AAFE),长期以来一直是法拉盛最大的非牟利地产商和房东,因通过赶走自己的住客甚至整幢楼来抬高租金和获利而声名狼藉。 现在,亚平会又看到了一个商机,打入市府筹资设立的避难所开发经营行列。这样一来,逼迁越严重,街上游民越多,亚平会就越赚钱。




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